Vila st. Petar, Gabonjin – 2015

Project 2015, realization 2017.
With accommodation capacity of 9 + 2 people, St. Peter Villa offers maximum privacy to every
guest, as accommodation units are divided into 3 houses. The design of the houses ensures that
each of the 5 bedrooms is equiped with en suite bathroom and wardrobe on their floor. The rooms
are furnished with high end Riviera Maison furniture from the Netherlands, which works in
harmony with carefully selected materials and fabrics in order to create a unique atmosphere that
the owners wanted to achieve. The copper ceramic lighting hugely contributes to romantic
atmosphere of the entire villa.
Kitchens are hand made from Slavonian oak and completely designed and made in Croatia. Apart
from modern design, they are fully equipped and functional, while open space to the living room
creates a cozy atmosphere and a family friendly space for dining and socializing.
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